PlanR: Market Intelligence Dashboards

We continuously track the behaviour of Irish consumers across multiple sectors and multiple brands. We bring our monthly tracking results together in a market intelligence dashboard service we call PlanR (we pronounce it ‘planner’).


We have created dedicated market intelligence dashboards for a range of market sectors, including:

  • Banking
  • Life Insurance
  • Groceries
  • Mobile Networks
  • Fuel Forecourts
  • Pharmacy
  • Car Insurance
  • Electricity


Each PlanR Sector Dashboard contains monthly survey data covering:

  • Main brand/current provider/market share
  • spend per brand (per month/per bill/per quarter/per annum depending on sector)
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Switching Intentions
  • Confidence, spending intentions, savings behaviour, price sensitivity by main brand
  • Detailed answers by demographic sub-groups 



You can get a sense of how easy it is to use and operate our PlanR Sector Dashboards by taking a look at our free Economic Recovery Index dashboard here.


How much does it cost to get powerful market intelligence, based on 1,000 consumers every month? There are three, great value options:

  1. Subscribe to ONE PlanR Sector Dashboard relevant to your business from the eight listed above for a subscription of €4,800 per annum plus vat (just €400 per month)
  2. Subscribe to FOUR PlanR Sector Dashboards from the eight listed for a subscription of €7,200 per annum plus vat (just €600 per month, €150 per sector)
  3. Subscribe to all EIGHT PlanR Sector Dashboards for a subscription of €9,600 plus vat (just €800 per month, €100 per sector)


But you don't have to decide right away. Why not contact Colm or Gerard in Amárach ( for a free demonstration of our PlanR dashboards in action?

We think you'll agree our PlanR dashboards are extraordinarily good value (they might even reduce your current research spending!), plus they are a brilliant example of how all market research data will be delivered in future.



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