Economic Recovery Index

Every month we survey 1,000 adults throughout Ireland about their current situation, including:

- their views on the economy
- their spending, saving and borrowing intentions
- their emotional wellbeing

We combine these into the Economic Recovery Index - see latest trend in graph below, extrapolated using an order-3 polynomial trendline to end 2019:

You can download the historic data going back every month to April 2009 (including the ERI and other attitudinal & emotional indicators) in Excel format here.

Also, try our free, interactive Economic Recovery Index dashboard to see how different segments of the Irish population have fared in recent years, and you can even filter by main bank, supermarket or mobile phone network:






Our Insights

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17 Jun 2017

The world of banking will be disrupted in the coming years. As often in the case of disruption, it is new entrants from outside the industry who pose the greatest 'threat' to incumbents....

The Digital Transformation of Ireland

17 Jun 2017

Irish organisations could tap into a $100 trillion market through successful Digital Transformation of their business models by 2020, following global and Irish research conducted by Microsoft....

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