Amárach Omnibus

For over ten years we have surveyed 1,000 adults online every month throughout the Republic of Ireland, using quota controls to ensure a nationally representative sample. 

Clients can buy one or more questions on the Amárach Omnibus survey, with prices starting at €485 plus vat for a closed question format, higher for open ended and other, more specialized formats.

Typical users of our omnibus include:

  • PR and advertising agencies
  • Academic researchers
  • Charties and NGOs
  • International organisations

Many of the reports and studies we publish are based on our omnibus, including our own Economic Recovery Index and PlanR business intelligence dashboard.

View some of the outputs from our omnibus on our Slideshare page and on our blog.

To find out more about our omnibus, our monthly schedule and how we can deliver cost effective insight for you and your colleagues, contact us at or on 01 410 5200.

See the archive of our regular ezine Consumer Foresight here

Our Insights

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