Work Life Imbalance

Are you working too hard? It's a question that confronts most people at work some of the time.  Or all of the time in some cases.

We asked all those in employment on our SmartPoll panel in February 2018 whether they feel their work/life balance is unbalanced due to too much work or balanced between work and other priorities:

About 4 in 10 employed people feel their life is unbalanced due to too much work - though there is no difference by gender.  However, those in younger age groups or higher social classes are feeling pressured. As are people working in Dublin.

So you might expect a lot of people would welcome the opportunity to ease back their work involvement while keeping the same wage or salary, rather than staying just as involved in work but for a higher salary. And you would be right up to a point:

But the reality is that the majority of employed people would rather keep working as they are, ideally for more pay. Especially those who say their worklife is unbalanced.

KEY TAKEAWAY: employees like the idea of working less and having more balance in their lives, but the bottom line is that earning more money trumps having more free time for large cohorts of the labour force.

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