The Business of Reputation

Irish consumers take business reputation seriously. In an increasingly competitive world, with alternative providers just a click or swipe away, Irish businesses need to be more focused than ever on their reputations and the impact it is having on customers.

In answer to the question 'How important is a company's reputation when buying their products or services?', over three in four adults say it is 'very important':

This is a similar result to a study by Amárach for Business in the Community back in 2013.

Moreover, Irish consumers are prepared to vote with their feet and boycott companies they don't like. In answer to the question 'Have you ever boycotted an Irish company's products or services because of concerns about their ethics, practices or values?', an enormous minority - 45% - say they have, including nearly half of all men, and more than half of people living in Dublin:

But don't despair if you're responsible for your own company's reputation: in answer to a question about the trend in the reputation of Irish businesses in general, some 4 in 10 say their reputation is getting better, and only 7% say it's getting worse:

KEY TAKEAWAY: in an increasingly transparent, competitive and 'politicised' economy, pay attention to what your customers think of your reputation because they're paying attention to you.


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