Pension Auto-Enrolment

The Government's new initative to give Irish workers better pension entitlements through 'auto-enrolment' has considerable support according to our latest research.

We polled over 1,000 adults about pension auto-enrolment in early November 2019, and the results are overwhelming: 


The vast majority of adults are in favour of the scheme, highest among older adults.  Crucially, both employees and employers favour the scheme, as do 77% of those who are not currently contributing to a pension at work (half of employees in our survey). 

Of course, support in principle is fine, but what about details.  Here again, when we present the likely structure of the scheme (starting at a low amount rising to a higher amount over time, with matching contributions from employers), there is still widespread support:


Despite the proposed contribution from employers, a majority of them support scheme.  Crucially, nearly two thirds of employees who currently do not contribute to a pension at work are in favour of the scheme.

So far it looks like the Government's auto-enrolment initiative is on track to be one that will be widely welcomed.


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