Mobility As A Service

The recent report by ARUP on 'Autonomous, Connected, Electric & Shared' transport scenarios for Ireland points to a very different future for transport providers in general, and car manufacturers in particular.

But are Irish consumers ready for it? A recent Amárach survey suggests that a growing minority are indeed ready for MaaS: mobility as a service. But first a reality check: only a tiny minority of Irish adults live in a household without a car, especially those living in Dublin or in the 25-34 age group, but 4 in 10 live in households with two or more cars:

But we are seeing new types of MaaS type services becoming available, such as the GoCar service. We asked people about their general interest in a service modelled on the GoCar offering, and the findings were very encouraging for would-be MaaS providers, nearly half of adults are interested in such as service, including half of those in one car households:

Looking ahead, there is a growing interest in alternative, rental type services when it comes to private transport. One in four car owners would consider giving up their car for an affordable, available car rental alternative. Including 31% of those in two car households:

KEY TAKEAWAY: in theage of Mytaxi, Uber and GoCar, it seems Irish consumers are increasingly interested in a radically different relationship with their cars in future.


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