Mental Health and Wellbeing

The issue of mental health and wellbeing is one that concerns many of us in our personal and family lives, as well as at work and in wider Irish society.

We have used the Human Givens framework (co-developed by Irishman Joe Griffin) as our guide to understanding the psychological needs and resources that contribute to mental health (called 'givens'), Amárach has recently conducted a study mapping the incidence of mental health, happiness, stress and anxiety - and myriad other, related factors - to better understand the prevailing mental state of the nation.

Amárach surveyed 1,000 adults in February 2019 about their mental health and wellbeing, using a quota-controlled, online sample, weighted to the total Irish population.

The survey finds that:

-We are a happy nation, scoring an average of 5 on a scale of 1 to 7 for happiness
-However, 39% of adults feel anxious, sad or tired for no reason often or frequently
-We are equally divided between those who sleep well and those who sleep badly
-One in three admits to some degree of addiction to social media
-Among the key sources of happiness are a sense of autonomy, sleeping well, being able to use our imagination creatively to solve problems and a healthy level of attention from others
-Among the key sources of anxiety, sadness etc are an absence of autonomy, poor sleep, a lack of perceived meaning or purpose, and habits of thoughts that prevent appropriate responses to experiences

Overall, the Human Givens framework is a powerful tool for understanding wider social trends in relation to mental health and wellbeing.

We think you will find it fascinating.  Download a free copy here.



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