Impact of Coronavirus - Week 3

We polled 1,460 adults on Monday 16th March 2020 using the Amárach SmartPoll Panel.  The results are weighted to the total Irish adult population.

The poll compares results with our previous polls, on 2nd March and 9th March, as well as adding new questions.

In just two weeks we have seen huge jumps in the precent of adults who are stocking up on extra supplies, as well as in the percent of adults cancelling trips and visits etc:

Similarly there has been a big jump in the percent of employees who have discussed how the virus could impact their workplace with colleagues or their bosses - up from 51% to 87% of all employees:

Moreover, many employees have already started working from home as a result of employers' responses to the virus - 52% of those who have discussed their workplace response have already started working from home (equates to 45% of all employees), while another 13% who have discussed it (10% of all employees) stand poised to do so:

Of course, the disruption caused by the coronavirus has created huge concerns about job security - 42% of adults think it is possible or certain that they or their partner could be laid off as a result of the virus:

All this amounts to more worry for people than just a week ago when we asked the question for the first time. We have created a measure of how worried people are personally about the coronavirus on a scale of 1 to 10 - and we have seen a significant jump in levels of concern across all demographic groups:

Of course, there are things we can do in response to the virus, including behavioural changes. Our latest survey shows that the majority of people are adopting one or more of the measures encouraged by the HSE and other health professionals:

Moreover, there has been a big focus in government communications about the symptoms of the coronavirus as distinct from the flu or the common cold. Our survey shows an encouragingly high level of awareness of the main symptoms:

We can't do it all on our own, but it is encouraging to see that the vast majority of adults say they have a support network in place to help them should they come down with the coronavirus:

How, 5% of adults say they don't have this support - and the balance just don't know.

In terms of policy choices, there is overwhelming support for the decision by the Government to close all pubs and hotel bars until 29th March.  Moreover, there is some support for other measures - with 61% of adults supporting the closure of the border with Northern Ireland if it helped stem the coronavirus outbreak, highest among those in the counties/provinces closest to the border:

Finally, how close are we to the end of the crisis? Unfortunately the overwhelming consensus (across all demographic groups) is that the worst still lies ahead of us:

Watch this space for further updates in the weeks (and months) ahead.



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