Impact of Coronavirus - Week 2

We polled 1,200 adults on Monday 9th March 2020 using the Amárach SmartPoll Panel in conjunction with RTE Claire Byrne Live.  The results are weighted to the total Irish adult population.

The poll compares results with our poll one week previously, on 2nd March, as well as adding new questions.

In just one week we have seen big jumps in the precent of adults who are stocking up on extra supplies, as well as in the percent of adults cancelling trips and visits etc:

There has been an increase in both behaviours across all demographic groups, but over 55s have responsed most - the percent of over 55s who have cancelled trips and visits jumped by 18 percentage points.

Similarly there has been a big jump in the percent of employees who have discussed how the virus could impact their workplace with colleagues or their bosses - up from 51% to 63% of all employees:

We have created a measure of how worried people are personally about the coronavirus on a scale of 1 to 10 - so far most people are 'in between' the two extremes of no worry or extreme worry:

When we look at the average measure by demographics, we find that women, over 55s and people outside of Dublin are more worried at the moment:

Information about the coronavirus is crucial at many levels, so getting the right information from trusted sources is key.  Our survey shows that just under half of adults are happy with the amount of information they are getting from the Government/state agencies (45% are not happy, and the balance 'don't know'):

In terms of trusted news sources at the moment, RTE clearly leads the sources listed in our question, while social media - including twitter - lag far behind (though Google is marginally higher for younger adults):

In terms of the overall political situation in light of the coronavirus, over two thirds of adults would like to see a national government formed in response to the crisis:

Finally, when will it be over?  The majority expect it to end in the next few months/by the summer, some are more optimistic, others less so:

Under 35s are nearly three times more likely to say it will be peak in the next few weeks than those over 55.

Watch this space for further updates in the weeks (and months) ahead.



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