The Future of Irish News

There has been considerable debate about the future of Irish media in recent years. The continuing decline in newspaper circulations and growing share of Google and Facebook in Irish advertising spend has got people thinking about the future. We recently polled our SmartPoll panel on the issue, with some interesting results.

One proposal is that the Government should subsidise Irish newspapers (like in some other countries) to help them cope with non-Irish media competition.

A third of Irish adults support this idea (higher among under 35s), but half of adults are opposed:


Another idea, proposed recently by Alan Cox in Core, is that the two main newspapers - The Irish Times and the Irish Independent - should merge in order to secure their future as an Irish news provider.

This is a surprisingly popular idea, with 78% of adults in favour of a proposed measure to ensure the survival of an indigenous Irish news organisation:


While such an arrangement would undoubtedly trigger all manner of concerns about 'concentration of media ownership etc', another option might be more palatable, i.e.: news subscriptions.

We asked respondents if they would be willing to pay a subscription for news from individual Irish sources (if they didn't already), and the response was... modest:


So while Irish citizens might be concerned about the future of Irish media and its survival, their willingess to actually pay for it is, shall we say, 'constrained' at the moment.

If we spot a change in sentiment we'll let you know.



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