Implications of GE2020

After Sinn Fein's success in the 2020 General Election, what do voters want to happen next? 

We polled 1,000 adults on Monday 10th February 2020 about their views and the results are summarised below.  

The first big finding is that citizens clearly feel last Saturday's vote represents an irreversible change in the Irish political landscape, especially over 55s:

Over two thirds of voters now feel Sinn Fein should be part of the next government, including just over half of Fianna Fail voters:

When it comes to coalition preferences, just over half have a preference is for one that combines Fianna Fail and Sinn Fein, though nearly as many Fianna Fail supporters would be happy with a coalition between Fianna Fail and Fine Gael:

Of course, if a coalition cannot be formed then there is the possibility of another election, but only 20% would favour this outcome, rising to just 26% of Sinn Fein voters:

Curiously if there was another election there is an overwhelming consensus that it should be held on a Saturday like the last one, especially among over 55s:

Finally, with the prospect of Sinn Fein in government we asked if people feel this makes the prospect of a United Ireland any closer, say by 2025 - but only a third agree that it does (a third disagree and a third don't know):

On the basis of our poll, it looks the results of GE2020 will reverberate for some time to come.


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