Electric Futures

There is a growing appetite for change in the ways we organise transport in our cities, and the types of vehicles we personally drive.

We asked our SmartPoll panel whether they agree with the proposal that Dublin should follow the example of Paris and banish petrol & diesel cars from the city by 2030 (just twelve years from now).  

More people oppose the idea than support it, but still: 37% of Irish adults would welcome such a plan - rising to 43% of people living in Dublin!

Of course, such an outcome would require many of us to switch to electric vehicles if we were going to drive around the capital city.

In order to guage the 'pent up' demand for electric cars, we asked people how they would react to the Government reducing Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT) on new electric cars to zero.  Some 38% of adults would use such an initiative to trade in their existing car for a new electric car - slightly more in Dublin:

That said - most people would do nothing or wait and see.  Nevertheless, it's an interesting pointer to the type of factors that will eventually shape the future of electric cars in Ireland.

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