As the deadline for Brexit approaches, we recently polled our panel about the likely impact of Brexit on their behaviour.

A major finding is that Irish consumers intend changing their online shopping patterns, especially with regard to UK websites:

Many expect to reduce the number of items the order online from the UK, while a large cohort intend switching their online purchases to EU sites.

There is some good news for Irish retailers, a third of adults say they'll switch some of their Christmas shopping to Irish retailers rather than order from the UK if Brexit goes ahead.

Of course, it isn't just shopping that will be affected by Brexit - we asked the same sample if they think the organisation they work for will be impacted by Brexit, and whether they think their own job will be impacted:

Nearly half of employees expect that their employer to be impacted by Brexit; while over 1 in 10 employees expects it to impact their own jobs.

These are early days in terms of guaging the impact of Brexit on Ireland's economy and labour market, but our data suggests many are already expecting significant impact.


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