Digital Agriculture

An new report: Digital Agriculture Technology – Adoption & Attitudes Survey has been launched by the IFA and Skillnet Ireland via Farm Business Skillnet. 

Amárach undertook a national programme of independent research with Irish farmers, IFA Committees and agri-industry stakeholders to understand how digital technologies are currently used on-farm, how they are viewed by farmers on the front-line, and what can be done to help all members of the agricultural community adopt and benefit from the advantages these technologies can bring.

The report can be downloaded here

Following the report’s findings, and in particular the recommendation that education and implementation happen closer together, IFA consulted with its members about where technology could provide the most immediate benefit on the farm.  IFA then approached its member services partner, Vodafone with the outcome being a pilot project which aims to provide a technological solution that will give farmers greater insight into the soil on their farms.




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