Cross Border Poll on Brexit

As part of a special co-production between the BBC NI Nolan Show and RTE Claire Byrne Live, Amárach partnered with LucidTalk in Northern Ireland to poll citizens on both sides of the border about their views on the impact of Brexit.

A sample of 1,100 adults were polled in both jurisdictions, on 8th and 9th of November 2018.

The full NI results are available on the LucidTalk website here.

Below we compare the answers to the questions for ROI and NI:


Turning to the impact of Brexit, more northerners than southerners expect it to result in a united Ireland:


Southerners are more sanguine about the likely impact of Brexit on their financial situation than northerners:

While southerners are more worried about the impact of Brexit on the peace process than northerners:


Finally, most people would welcome another referendum in the event of a deal:

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