Consumer Impact of Coronavirus

It is too early to tell, but there is growing evidence that consumer reactions to the potential impact of the Coronavirus is starting to affect the economy. 

We polled 1,300 adults on Monday 2nd March 2020 using the Amárach SmartPoll Panel in conjunction with RTE Claire Byrne Live.  The results are weighted to the total Irish adult population.

The poll shows that consumers are very concerned, and many are already taking precautions - from stocking food to avoiding crowds to discussing alternative working arrangements.

Already, 43% of adults expect the Coronavirus to significantly disrupt their lives in the coming months:

Younger people, those in higher social class groups and Dubliners are among those expecting the most disruption.

Given such a high level of concern, so far only 15% of adults say the are stocking up extra supplies because of the virus, highest among 35-44s and Dubliners:

Furthermore, despite recent coverage about sports events such as the Six Nations, only 13% of adults have cancelled trips or occasions because of their concerns.

Again, under 35s are one of the most 'anxious' groups, though so are those living in Connaught/Ulster:

In terms of information about the virus, the vast majority of people would like to know the names of schools and workplaces etc affected by the virus:

While most people are quite sanguine about how they would share information that they - hypothetically - had the Coronavirus themselves, with only 1 in 4 saying it would be an issue:

Of course, one of the biggest impacts from the Coronavirus will be on the workplace.

Already, half of Irish workers have discussed how the virus could impact their workplace with colleagues or their bosses:

But only a minority say they have a sufficiently flexible workplace arrangement that they could work from home in the event of the virus affecting a colleague etc:

It is still early days in terms of assessing the impact of the Coronavirus on Ireland's economy, consumer market and workplace. Let alone its health impact on the population.

We will revisit these findings in the months ahead to determine what impact the spread of the virus is having (or not having) on the attitudes and concerns of the Irish people.


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