DIY Research - Questionnaire Review

Any survey directly associated with your organisation needs to be viewed as a marketing channel in much the same way as advertising, sponsorship and promotions are used to win the hearts and minds of existing and potential customers.

Amárach Research is delighted to announce the launch of a new service to independently review your questionnaire and to ensure questions meet your organisation’s business and information objectives.

A questionnaire review by Amárach Research will provide your business with the benefit of ensuring that required information is captured effectively and the negative impact that can be incurred by a badly designed survey is minimised.

How does the questionnaire review process work?

It’s simple – just mail your questionnaire, information objectives and research deadlines to us.  We will review these materials and arrange a face-to-face or telephone feedback session to talk through the proposed improvements in detail.

We will suggest changes/improvements to enhance the quality of the data captured based on our considerable questionnaire design experience across a range of industry sectors whether from a consumer or business customer perspective.

How long will the questionnaire review process take?

The time required will vary depending on the complexity of the questionnaire and the objectives of the research.  We will endeavour to turn around feedback as quickly as possible but a lead time of 1-3 days should be allowed.

Am I obliged to use the questionnaire changes suggested by Amárach?

The questionnaire review process gives your organisation the benefit of Amárach’s research experience and will highlight potential survey pitfalls but with DIY Research you call the shots so the final questionnaire used is down to you!

How much will the questionnaire review cost?

Our price for reviewing and providing detailed questionnaire feedback is €300-€500(+VAT) with the final fee linked to questionnaire length, information objectives and project complexity.


Who do I contact?

Explore how your DIY Research can benefit from our experience by calling us on 01 410 5200 or email