DIY Research

What do I need to know when undertaking my own research?

There is an old saying ‘You only get one chance to make a first impression’ and the way your organisation conducts research can influence customer opinion negatively as well as positively.

How many times have you been invited to take part in an online survey that quickly becomes irrelevant to your experience or does not have answer options to suit you? When that happened, did you really feel your opinions were valued?

If this has been your experience, it could also be the experience of your target market.

In recognition of this potential to negatively impact customer opinion and the consequence of reduced budgets and increased demands on your time, Amárach Research has developed a suite of services to assist those fulfilling their own research requirements.  These services can be used independently or collectively and include (click on each service for more details):

Questionnaire Review

Data Analysis

Adding Value


Who do I contact?

Explore how your DIY Research can benefit from our experience by calling Gerard O'Neill on 01 410 5200 or email Gerard at

You can also simply talk to Gerard if a DIY approach seems a little daunting to see how Amárach can meet your research needs!