Post-Truth and Irish Digital Advertising

We do a lot of work at Amárach measuring the impact of advertising in different media for different brands across multiple sectors.

But every so often we like to step back to view the bigger picture and ask if there is something fundamental going on with Irish consumers Irish digital media in particular.

It turns out there is. In our post-truth, fake news age, significant minorities of Irish consumers trust ads on Irish websites more than on non-Irish sites, a total of 4 in 10 Irish internet users:

Interestingly it is young people are are more trusting of ads on Irish websites than older adults. And those in higher socio-economic groups.

But what then about the persuasiveness of ads on Irish sites? It turns out that nearly 3 in 10 Irish internet users are more persuaded by Irish brands advertising on Irish websites:

This time, however, it is older consumers who are more persuaded by Irish brands advertising on Irish websites.

Source: Amárach Smart Panel survey of 1,000 adults, March/April 2017